Registration for Summer 2022 and the 2022-2023 Academic Year is now up!
In Summer 2022, I’ll be offering Academic Skills for Teens (twice!) and also offering both Introduction to Essay Writing and Intermediate Essay Writing. All Summer 2022 courses will be online to accommodate the needs of families traveling over the summer. (See course description links below for more details!)

This year I will be offering Middle School U.S. History, Middle School World History, High School U.S. History, High School World History, and U.S. Government for Teens (high school and middle school combined). (See course description links below for more details!) All of these full-year classes will be blended, meaning that we will meet online via Zoom some weeks and in person other weeks. Out of state students will receive special projects to work on during the in-person weeks in lieu of attending the in-person sessions.

If you are interested in registering for classes for Summer 2022 courses or full year classes for 2022-2023, please visit this link:

For Middle & High School Students

Full Year High School Courses:
United States History — offered in 2022-2023!
World History – — offered in 2022-2023!
U.S. Government for Teens— offered in 2022-2023!

Semester Long High School Courses:
Gender in United States History
Early U.S. History through Hamilton
United States History through Film

Full Year Middle School Courses:
United States History — offered in 2022-2023!
World History — offered in 2022-2023!
U.S. Government for Teens— offered in 2022-2023!

Short Courses for Teens (13+):
All of these courses are suitable for mature middle school students or high school students, and can be adapted to more specific age groups as needed:
Academic Skills— offered in Summer 2022!
Introduction to Essay Writing— offered in Summer 2022!
Intermediate Essay Writing – offered in Summer 2022!
Digital Photography

For K-12 Teachers & Other Curious Adults

Developing and Teaching Online Courses

The following courses, also taught to teen students, have versions available for adult learners (see course descriptions above):
United States History through Film
Early U.S. History through Hamilton
Digital Photography


“History has never been a subject I am particularly interested in. However, I loved taking Kathryn’s class. Rather than memorizing endless dates, we spent class actually discussing historical events and progressions and the complex issues brought up by them. She always helped us relate what we were learning about to things going on in the present, which made me actually care about what I was learning. She was also very flexible, accommodating different learning styles and letting us explore what we personally found interesting. For one of our projects, she had given us a few options for what we could do our project on, but two other students and I had gotten really into looking at primary source documents for this one American Indian nurse. She let us do our project on the nurse, even though it wasn’t one of the options, because she saw how excited we were about it. That instance is very indicative of Kathryn’s teaching style. I finished that class with a true appreciation for and general understanding of American history, instead of a bunch of random facts that I would have instantly forgotten. I also have more appreciation for history as a subject now, and understand the importance of learning about what happened in the past and how it affects the present.”

– Cate, student in high school U.S. history and current honors college student

“My son took Dr. Wall’s Middle School World History class last year. He was inspired, and I was impressed. The lessons had just the right mix of activities including videos, games, reading, and explanations from Dr. Wall. When the class transitioned online, I got to see what they were doing first hand. It was obvious that this wasn’t just about learning what happened throughout history, but was also about learning to process how and why things happened the way they did. Not only were the students actively participating during class time, but they continued their discussions and socialized with one another during the breaks. You could see that Dr. Wall had helped them build relationships in a supportive learning environment. They were not competing to be the best student, but were having fun learning together as a group instead. I highly recommend any of Dr. Wall’s classes.”

— Leigh (parent of a middle school student)

“Kathryn keeps the pace of her classes moving yet manages to cover material in a way that allows for depth of understanding. She introduces primary documents and challenges students to figure out what story the records tell. She incorporates oral history so that students can hear the voices of people living through the history they are studying. And she knows how to structure her classes in a fashion that will fit into your homeschooling approach—graded or ungraded, with or without homework. The environment is relaxed and the students are engaged.”

— Cynthia (parent of a middle school student)

“Since DD’s initial request that I find her a history class that had a broader perspective than just a bunch of Europeans killing everyone and taking all their resources,’ your classes have been essential to almost every term for our family…seven years and counting.  I briefly considered assigning her Howard Zinn, but your curriculum was so much better than anything I could put together.  DD learned US and World history, also Civil Rights and Women’s History,  in a comprehensive way that included the experiences of historically subordinated and marginalized people…it gave her both broad and deep perspective on how we arrived at this place in the world and some of the themes we may wish to consider as we move forward. History was her favorite subject in high school, thanks to you.  At nearly 21, she deeply values the perspective gained through her experience in your classes as she has taken her foundation both into college and into her adult life.

Both my kids also took your study skills course, which introduced time management and self-knowledge of their personal learning styles.  While DS is still working things out there, I’m confident he is making good progress.  Both my kids have studied essay writing with you…DS asked for your class because his sister had such a good experience and is such a strong writer.  While History is far from his favorite subject, he will gladly sign up for pretty much any of your classes because “Kathryn knows how to make learning fun”.  Covid has been a shock to the system, and has decimated our social lives…but your extensive knowledge of and experience in distance learning skills and technology has made the transition to online fairly seamless…and the classes are STILL fun, I am told.  Not that long ago I walked past DS’s door and overheard him in animated conversation…I was concerned he may have skipped class to play online games…but it turns out he was engaged in a lively classroom discussion in World History.  For a fifteen year old, that’s pretty impressive. “

— Stephanie (parent of one student who took classes with me at the high school level and another who has taken classes with me at both the middle school and high school levels)